At long last, engineers create automatic sliding doors with Star Trek-like intelligence

Adeyemi Caleb's Blog


At long last, some Japanese researchers have created an intelligent automatic sliding door. No longer must you wait patiently for the door to slowly judder open; no more must you be frustrated by doors accidentally opening as you walk by them. This intelligent door (video embedded below) even has the ability to match the size of the opening depending on the number of people walking towards it — and if it detects someone running towards it, it slides open at max speed. Yes, this is this glorious realization of the Star Trek sliding door that opens just in time for you to cross the threshold. (But no, sadly, it doesn’t make a whoosh sound. At least not yet…)

To be honest, given just how common automatic doors have become, and how awful they are in operation, I’m amazed that it took this long for some researchers to devise a better solution. Current…

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