India’s Most Viewed Ad Is Absolutely Horrifying



India’s “most-viewed ad,” according to Adweek, uses one of advertising’s most terrifying tropes: the dancing CGI baby. But the spot for mobile operator MTS Telecom, which accumulated almost 25 million YouTube views in 3 and a half months, takes the uncanny valley to a new sordid level: Viewers are taken into the delivery room as an infant dances out of his mother’s birth canal to the tune of Diana Ross’ “I’m Coming Out.” Get it? (Of course you do, it literally couldn’t get more literal than that).

The minute-long spot, called“Born for the Internet,” tackles another disturbing element—that babies are probably more digitally savvy than their parents. The independent kidlet cuts his own umbilical cord, puts on his own shirt, grabs the doctor’s smartphone, takes a selfie (Snapchats won’t come until he’s at least 2 weeks old), and Google Maps his way out of there.

MTS Telecom…

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