A BMW Can Now Control A GoPro Camera Because Why Not


As a result of a new partnership between GoPro and BMW, it’s never been easier to record your hoonage antics. Select late-model BMW cars will soon be able to control GoPro cameras directly from the dash. Just click record on the dash of the car and the connected GoPro cameras click to life.

Starting in July, the owner of a 2012 or later properly equipped BMW or Mini will be able to control Wi-Fi-enabled GoPro cameras. The GoPro app has to be installed on an iPhone connected to the BMW. Once connected, the driver can select the GoPro app through the BMW ConnectedDrive or Mini Connected menu. From there, the driver can view the camera’s field of view and control recording. The camera streams near-live video to the dash while the vehicle is stationary. But once the tires spin, the preview clicks off.

This integration addresses the cumbersome, on-camera controls…

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