Autopilot Launches CoPilot Sales Automation Tool



Any startup worth its salt these days built a mailing list from before it even launched, but what do you do after that? How do you identify the best leads from all of those random people who signed up for your service? Fresh off its $10 million Series B funding round, marketing automation service Autopilot today announced the launch of its CoPilot email sales automation tool, which aims to make it easy for companies to find and engage their prospects with the help of automated email flows

While it uses much of the same technology as Autopilot, CoPilot is geared towards salespeople and not marketers, says CEO and co-founder Michael Sharkey, who founded the company together with his brothers Peter and Chris. He argues that the worlds of marketing and sales technologies are starting to converge. Right now, “in one corner marketing has marketing automation, in another corner sales has CRM,”…

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