SpaceX Is About To Fire Another Massive Rocket Into Space — Watch Live! (Update: Mission Aborted)


It’s Friday, with about 2 hours left in the West Coast work day. Are you working? Like actually working? Probably not.

So let’s watch freaking rockets get shot into space instead!

After a bunch of delays, SpaceX is scheduled to launch six satellites into the skies for ORBCOMM, a company that helps companies use satellites for everything from asset monitoring to wireless communication.

And since we live in such wonderful times, you get to watch things get shot into space from your couch. Live! You don’t even have to wear pants! Incredible.

Here’s the stream, which, annoyingly, I can’t embed. Launch has been pushed back about an hour, with takeoff currently set for just after 4:00 PM Pacific. They’re having some last second technical difficulties, so there’s a non-trivial chance today’s mission will get scrapped — but they’re currently convinced they’ll get things patched up in time.


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