a prayer.

Young Mormon Feminists

dear god:

i’m having a difficult time discerning right from wrong. i am trying to remember wwjd. but it seems to me that “what would jesus do?” is the wrong question in these circumstances. when i am trying to figure out what decision is the most christlike, i like to think, “where would jesus be?” wwjb. this has been especially pertinent over the past few days, since the excommunication of sister kate kelly. additionally, same-sex marriage has been ruled legal in utah and the church has spoken out against it. i don’t recognize the church i once loved so much. and so i keep asking myself, “where would jesus be?” i have concluded that the answer would be, “not with the brethren.”

i don’t mean the brethren as in every male-identified member of the lds faith. indeed, i only mean the brethren as in the leaders of the church. the…

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U dhaaf Halcelis

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