Google Acquires Mobile Testing Platform Appurify, Will Keep It Open On iOS And Android


Google just announced at I/O that it has acquired Appurify, a startup that lets developers automate testing and optimization of their mobile apps and websites. Appurify will stay open as freemium cross-platform service but get a big boost in distribution as it becomes integrated into the Google developer tool stack.

Appurify’s big value add is helping developers handle fragmentation. It permits wide-scale testing on a big range of gadgets, so devs can catch bugs and other performance issues on devices they can’t test on themselves.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.36.12 AM

That’s an especially big deal for Android. Apple CEO Tim Cook jabbed Google at WWDC earlier this month, quoting a ZDnet article saying the fragmentation issue makes Android a “toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities”. But beyond security, just making sure apps run properly on devices from different OEMs with various operating systems and screen sizes is a challenge.

Appurify gives Google an in-house testing service it…

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